Adrian James PI

Adrian James PI (formerly Adrian James associates) begun in 2012 following an ambition during time serving in the Military and then employed as a Senior Custody Officer.
Gradually since that very first day i have gained trust and appreciation from many clients who continue to benefit from the services provided.
By contacting Adrian James PI you can be assured that your reason for doing so, will be treat with professionalism and in complete confidence.
**Every task is dealt with an open-mind and nothing is judged.

Why choose Adrian James PI

With ten years service in the British Army followed by ten years working in the custody area of local Magistrate Courts and also Crown Court, Adrian James PI has the skillsets available to be covert, stand out, be assertive and rise above the crowd to finish the task in question.

Important reasons to Choose

A Large network of trused and time proven agents available to act on instructions for any tasks outside of Cumbria, those within the County is personally covered by Adrian James PI.

Every service acted on, is carried out discreetly, professionally and with an open mind. 

The fees are realistic, affordable and bespoke.


Areas of operation

Adrian James PI directly operate throughout Cumbria and using a trusted network of agents we are able to complete instructions throughout the UK and world.
We are only a call away from getting you the task/instruciton actioned.
Wherever you are locatated and wherever you require an instruction actioned, we can assist you with ease.

By us working on a fixed fee basis, ensures that you know from the start what that instruciton is going to cost on completion, or if you are a solicitor, you'll be able to inform your client of the cost rather than having them wait not knowing.



Call or email us today.

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