Cost of services

Many clients and tyre kickers often ask ‘How much will a Private Investigator cost?‘ A very good question, an important one too, but because the size of instruction can vary, so do the costs of using an Private Investigator, everything is determined by the level of service you require.

Each investigation can be different from the next one and is certainly determined by the travel involved, the work sat behind the PC, plus the duration out on the ground doing physical enquiries.

With being active since 2013 and proudly providing repeat services for current clients you can be assured that the costs are realistic.

Please make sure you are aware of the cost and it is agreed before instructing because from the moment any instruction begins and you later wish to cancel, without valid reason, an invoice will be raised for the agreed fee.

A fee to hire a Private Investigator can vary considerably and it is very important that you choose with confidence that they have sufficient experience and knowledge.

Adrian James PI (formerly Adrian James associates) has been operating since 2013 providing a wide range of Private Investigator services throughout Cumbria, the United Kingdom and around the world.

Instruct with the knowledge you have made a positive choice of PI.

Give the office a call on 01900 368777 and be reassured that your information is recieved in complete confidence.

Fees per instruction:

Process Serving £75.00 per instruction which includes up to three attempts.
Surveillance  £35.00 per hour, per operative.
Background checks £175.00.
Tracing  £120 (50% discount for bulk instructions of ten or more).

Pence per mile for all instructions  £0.45p

No stone is left unturned when completing trace instructions and therefore no trace/no fee cannot be offered.